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António Marques Photography

Lately I’ve been taking pictures in a more relaxed kind of way, without any concerns neither with having a subject matter to a series or a project or with the urgency of publishing a post in a given day/date. However, I did found among my latest photos an unsuspected tendency towards the adoption of a low angle of view. Curious…

All photographs by António Marques – © António Marques Photoblog

UPDATE: April/30/ 2012

Being “Freshly pressed” gave me the unique opportunity to have my photoblog content exposed. I’m still surprised – not to say overwhelmed – by the positive reactions I received. I wish to welcome all new readers and followers, hoping to share different photographic paths and the common passion for photography.

Thank you all for your supporting words and insights. They give me…

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the Whole Garden Will Bow

For many of us our introduction to the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda came through the pink book of 100 Love Sonnets translated by Stephen Tapscott.  I discovered Neruda at the same time my own romance blossomed with the one who would become my wife. I noticed that Tapscott’s translation glossed over words and expressions, often rearranging words and images to construct his idea of poetic, so my wife and I began our own translations. This is the opening sonnet. I’ve also included the original Spanish as well as the recent translation by Gustavo Escobedo whose “100 Love Sonnets” is far superior to Tapscott.


Matilde, the name of a plant or a rock or a wine,
which is born of the earth, and enduring;
a word in whose growth the dawn breaks,
In that name sail ships of wood
surrounded by the swarms of blue fire;

those letters are…

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Los Afro-Latinos

By Alessandra Hickson

Finding authentic, delectable Dominican food is as simple as taking the 1 train. Sure, everyone boasts they’re the best. But only Margot Restaurant has been hailed time and time again — in magazines and on Yelp comment boards — as the best Dominican food in the greater New York area.

Margot Restaurant was featured as the place to get Dominican cuisine in a September 2007 Gourmet article [Special Collector’s Issue, Latino Food: America’s Fastest-Rising Cuisine] titled  “He’ll Take El Alto” by Pulitzer Prize winning author Junot Díaz.

“Margot’s is so addictive that people from the Bronx and Brooklyn will pay for cab service just so they can get their sancocoho delivered to their door. That’s how slamming they cook at Margot,” said Diaz, adding, “Their rice, their beans, their gandules, their pollo guisado, their sancocho are all cooked to island perfection…”

When you hear high…

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