Lenny Kravitz to get it on as soul legend Marvin Gaye



We heard it through the grapevine. The Londoner learns that Lenny Kravitz is to play Marvin Gaye in a film about the last years of the Motown singer’s life.

The film is being made by Julien Temple, whose documentary London: The Modern Babylon was a cornerstone of this summer’s Cultural Olympiad and who is best known for directing Absolute Beginners and for his films on the Sex Pistols.

It would chart the final years of Gaye’s  life in London from 1981, when he was suffering from an addiction to alcohol and an allergy to the taxman, and how he was rescued by music promoter Freddy Cousaert and spirited away to his flat in Ostend, Belgium, to recover.

This would be the first lead role that Kratitz has landed, though he did show an aptitude for the silver screen by playing a dangerously rebellious stylist in The Hunger Games.

He has…

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Music and that chilled and leaky cabin in northern Ontario



There are memories that stay with you forever. It surprises you after years have passed that they are still there, because they’re often not the big, important things you think you ought to recall. Instead, they’re subtle, tiny and sweep by mostly unnoticed at the time. It’s only time passing that gives them weight, substance and clarity.

I sat in a tiny broke-down cabin with a tin roof one night. It was set way back in the woods and there wasn’t any power and it was raining. The sound of the rain splattering against that rickety tin made me feel lonely and desolate. But I had a transistor radio and the batteries were good.

I was in northern Ontario and I was able to get CBC. So while the rain fell and I huddled under thin blankets on a busted up bunk with springs shot through the mattress, I heard…

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Bruce Lee – Dragon of Jade

Bruce Lee Gothic

Bruce had in mind to make more movies. It is said that he was planning to do a movie called, The Dragon of Jade. Sadly, Bruce did not get to do this movie, but he left us with some photos of the movie he was planning. Although Bruce is not here with us, the movie could still be made. I would love to see actor Danny Chan carry out his project. I wonder if Bruce Lee wrote a script for the movie he was planning or jotted down any ideas at all? Sure would be nice if he did. If Bruce had lived to do the movie, it would have been our first time seeing him with long hair and a different style.

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