Big Brother never stops trying to control internet

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The Daily Deconstructor

In an unprecedented move Google has initiated an online petition against the UN’s ITU conference in Dubai next month.  The conference is designed to give ITU members a ‘kill-switch’ to shut down internet content that they don’t agree with.  The whole conference is a train-wreck.  There is nothing good that possibly can come out of giving the likes of China or Russia  the right to change content on the internet.  Yet again we have a secret deal, written behind closed doors which we are supposed to just accept because a bunch of fascists with acronyms behind them want it?

Google has been joined by other internet heavies like AT&T, Microsoft, Verizon, CISCO etc.  These companies never had a problem allowing government backdoors to their internet services.  So how bad is this deal that they are protesting now?.. ;o)

So for me this is rather like closing the barn door long after the horse has…

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