Climate change is affecting all regions in Europe, warns agency

The Daily Deconstructor

The European Environment Agency has today warned that climate change is impacting all regions in Europe.  the last decade (2002-2011) being the warmest on record, with land temperatures 1.3°C warmer than the pre-industrial average.  The data shows that rainfall is increasing in Northern Europe and falling in Southern Europe.  Of course these climatic changes not only affect health but also the economy of Europe.  This has investor groups alarmed that the economy will be slowly but steadily destroyed by the rising costs of climate change. Here is a prescient video warning from Climate Scientist Stephen Schneider in 1979.

So its not like we haven’t had plenty of warning about what is going on.  The unprecedented weather events of the last few short years have chastened many deniers.  But like the cigarette lobby fighting to keep their cancer-sticks in the marketplace, we have the nauseating spectacle of the climate change denier industry buying…

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