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A Frank Angle

interfaithlogoYes, I believe in Santa Claus, and the reason is simple – Santa Claus is a spirit of giving and kindness that transcends all cultures.

This post is for Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, secular humanists, Atheists, agnostics, and all other belief systems because this my way of saying thank you with hopes that it brings a smile and warms your heart.

To me, there is no other day like Christmas Eve as it brings a sense of calmness. I smile when driving by closed stores with empty parking lots. Traffic is light as we pass houses with outdoor holiday lights. Listening to calm, classic music of the season adds to the sense of calmness.

In the spirit of Santa Claus, here are my gifts to you – my visitors – for I owe you for the many joys you’ve given me here and throughout WordPress.  So, go under the…

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Luv this band.


Note: after publication, I edited a bit the story about Hoshi Neko appearing below for accuracy.

Emerging as an altogether unique product from Montreal’s underground scene, Yamantaka // Sonic Titan defies any simple definition. As it has taken the alternative music scene in Canada (and further afield) by storm, perhaps one could most accurately say that YT//ST merely exists; and further, seems to kick ass while doing that.

Co-founded by Alaska B and Ruby Kato Attwood, as simply a band YT//ST represents an ambitious fusion of high-energy progressive rock, rock opera and J-pop with elements of avant garde metal and post-rock as well. They recently released their first self-titled EP “YT//ST” (available for online purchase here), which has received consistently positive reviews far and wide.

However, ultimately Yamantaka // Sonic Titan represents a full scale multi-media art project aimed at decolonization, reclaiming appropriated sounds, mythologies and cultural motifs through…

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