Luv this band.


Note: after publication, I edited a bit the story about Hoshi Neko appearing below for accuracy.

Emerging as an altogether unique product from Montreal’s underground scene, Yamantaka // Sonic Titan defies any simple definition. As it has taken the alternative music scene in Canada (and further afield) by storm, perhaps one could most accurately say that YT//ST merely exists; and further, seems to kick ass while doing that.

Co-founded by Alaska B and Ruby Kato Attwood, as simply a band YT//ST represents an ambitious fusion of high-energy progressive rock, rock opera and J-pop with elements of avant garde metal and post-rock as well. They recently released their first self-titled EP “YT//ST” (available for online purchase here), which has received consistently positive reviews far and wide.

However, ultimately Yamantaka // Sonic Titan represents a full scale multi-media art project aimed at decolonization, reclaiming appropriated sounds, mythologies and cultural motifs through…

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