The Difference Between Injustice: Comparing The Chris Lane & Trayvon Martin Murders


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justice for trayvon

On February 26, 2012, a 17-year-old boy was gunned down in cold blood in a gated community in Florida. His body was left lifeless in the grass and the pouring rain; a single bullet piercing his heart from neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman’s gun.

Zimmerman wasn’t arrested until 46 days after this shooting and even after he was arrested, a controversial law and flawed public opinion allowed him to walk free.

Just a month after Zimmerman was acquitted, Chris Lane was left in a gutter after being killed because three teenagers were bored. His killers were arrested 12 hours after his incident. They were charged just a week later.

Two lives lost to senseless violence. But are they similar?

After Lane’s death, Trayvon Martin comparisons to the Australian student spread like wildfire. People were convinced that Lane’s death wasn’t going to garner the same attention that Martin’s case did, and criticism…

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