11 Reasons Why Lenny Kravitz’s Instagram Is The Coolest Of All Time (PHOTOS)

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Lenny 1st pic

Lenny Kravitzis having the best year ever. Not only has the rocker-turned-actor starred in some of the year’s biggest hits including The Butler, which has already received major Oscar buzz, but he is also reprising his role as Cinna in the highly anticipated Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire

The “Fly Away” crooner is so badass that he plays a mean electric guitar comparable to legendary greats such as Jimi Hendrix, but he also sings with a passion that very few artists possess. Often seen with his daughter Zoe Kravitz, he is also quite the doting dad. Oh, and did we mention that at 49-years-old, he proves that the fountain of youth is alive and well?

Our love for Lenny runs deep. So deep, that we decided to give you a treat that money certainly can’t buy and it comes via Mr. Kravitz’s Instagram page. In celebration…

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