Hottest Couple Ever! Victoria & David Beckham Smolder For Vogue Paris (PHOTOS)

Great Cover!!

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Confirmed: there isn’t a couple hotter than Davidand Victoria Beckham.

Fans of the fashionable pair will be pleasantly surprised to see the power couple cuddled up and covering the latest issue of Vogue Paris looking their absolute best.

After 14 years of marriage, the couple is still smoldering as they talk of their ups, downs and triumphs with the magazine. Not only did the pair appear on the cover, but Victoria was also tapped to be the guest editor of the issue. Of her work, Vogue Paris Editor in Chief Emmanuelle Alt said:

“We handed over the running of this issue to a woman who, throughout our working together, has proved to be the exact opposite of her public image. She is spontaneous with a great sense of humour, humble yet at the same time driven by a healthy ambition. She is a perfectionist, like everyone who is passionate about their work.”

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