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Women supporting and celebrating other women… 14 Emerging Female Artists that you have to check out!


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As women I think that we should promote, support and celebrate one another at every given opportunity! It is on this basis that I found a great article from news on 14 emerging female artists that you have to watch in 2017. Having produced some truly thought provoking pieces and performances, I am so excited to see what they do next!


  1. Allana Clarke

    A conceptual artist who combines performance, video, sculpture, and installation, Allana Clarke “investigates the construction of power politics as both an authoritative structure and an abstraction,” according to her website.

In September, she staged a four-act immersive participatory performance piece, “Notes on Belonging to Boundaries” at Brooklyn’s FiveMyles, and stunned in in a group exhibition at Chicago’s ACRE this summer.


  1. Claudia Comte

    Swiss artistClaudia Comte was one of the highlights of the Public Art Fund’s annual summer group show at New York’s…

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