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She wants to hold on to the nights And ride the days; She wants to taste the harbor lights And feel their rays That spread out through the evening fog And frame the shore, That keep the weary from the bog, And maybe more. She wanted to hold on to you, To see the dawn […] […]

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The hare is a very popular animal symbol in the new age and pagan community. It’s common to see many ‘moon gazing’ hare statues, paintings, figures and everything else you can imagine. It’s become more and more popular, and this year especially seems to have an explosion of hare-related merchandise! So what does the hare […] […]

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I n I

(Kensington Palace Gardens) So this post is less of a ‘how to’ than a ‘let’s work this out together’. Lately I have been feeling the need to start building a strong foundation for my life. I’ve made it to my early 30s with a wiser outlook on life, and I want to learn […] via How […]

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Ur truth

I saw the above image pop up on an Alice Walker Facebook page, on a day that I had been feeling severely disrespected. I had started writing this post just after the incident happened, but then stopped because I felt too angry. When I saw the quote above, I was reminded of the validity […] via […]

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