Reflecting on the Memorial Service for Tata Nelson Madiba Mandela



One day my father asked me a question that, which day was very important in a person’s life. He asked me to tell him if the day when a person was born was more important than the day one died. I answered him that it was the day when a person was born. I said this because without it one cannot see the moon or sun. But my father argued that the day of the death was the most important day in life. He explained that the day of death was very cardinal because distinguishes human being , if the person who had died was a great person or not. He added that the day also explain how the person had shared his life with fellow human beings. Dad further explained that the day of death distinguished a story of a giant man from that of a small man or…

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Without & within winter

Restored a frame of light that peaked out from the shadows.
Nothing but nets glide and sweep through the air.
Appearances seem like a misunderstanding to the few.
I see a soft yet timid snowflake on the ledge
peaceful & warm
until the wind blows


BLACK FRIDAY! 25 Life Lessons You Can Learn From The Movie “Friday” (LIST)

A Classic.

Global Grind


Happy Black Friday!

While most of you are out fighting crowds at the mall, we’re having a #FlashbackFriday moment.

Do you remember where you were the very first time you watched the movie Friday starring Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, and Nia Long?

We do.

Over the past 18 years, we’ve watched Friday too many times to count. By the umpteenth time Ice Cube appears in the opening scene of the movie, you begin to realize that this movie is educational on so many levels.

In honor of Black Friday and #FlashbackFriday, we decided to round up 25 life lessons you can learn from the movie Friday. From not getting high off your own supply, to standing up to bullies, the moral compass in Friday is quite upstanding.

There’s still been rumors surrounding the final installment of the comedic movie titled Last Friday. Back in 2012, Ice…

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