Spac e i s th e pl ac e|•








* 8 8 * * * *8* *8 *8

* * *                      *                          8 8 *

) ) 0    ) 0        0 ) 0           0 0        ) (

(            0            (                .                                                  .                .             .

~                                ~                                                    ~

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One thought on “Spac e i s th e pl ac e|•

  1. Thanks for likeing my comment the name there s 5 name s in total or more why 1 the axa man photo s the swordsman photo s the spear photo s the name jade was his necklace from big boss I put Bruce Lee out years back I built a website thats gone along time back on Bruce Lee so am going to finish the warrior costum Enter the three kingdoms blood brothers shaw brothers I think there’s only me who is going to finish this of for Bruce Lee Dragon of jade name was a round years back but not like now people most probably thought of a green Dragon nope I re looked at big boss his necklace jade so the real name is the blind swordsman he roll s his eye s up word s Bruce Lee black and white photo s I will be posting on here soon thanks for reading my friend

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