Somewhere along the lines-


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Somewhere along the lines,
I lost it
Went a little Astray,
Forgot it
Broke away from the path,
And wandered
Away from my first love,

I wrote but it was all,
blurred out
Filled with words that contained,
No heart sounds
And the tears that I poured,
On paper
Seemed to wander with lost,

But oh writing, it’s time-
To find you
Got to mend back the rails,
And track on
Bleed the words of my heart,
In rhythm
Pen and paper in hand-
I’ll make it.

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Ungrateful overlords Seek to rule with no vision Yet they bear upon Ungrateful overlords Falsely tout their destiny Only whine and fine Ungrateful overlords Once upon a time braved truths Now they are all shine Long live true pioneers Who build others up in their place It’s time to begin

via Haiku ode to the overlords — psychologistmimi